The Story Behind Our Story

The Eye Place has been an aspiration of Adam and Anna’s for over five years. Wanting to build a business of their own, they felt they could combine their skills to make a great Optometry Practice. The idea was born over a weekend in Singleton visiting Adam’s family. Talking about what each of them wanted to do with their careers and where they ultimately wanted to settle, an Optometry Practice in Singleton seemed ideal. The opportunity to design a practice from scratch, apply their combined work experiences, along with the idea that they could relocate to the Hunter Valley, made them determined to make this idea a reality.

To now be at the stage where The Eye Place has opened is truly exciting for Adam and Anna. They both look forward to growing the practice and are loving life in the Hunter Valley. The warm reception and support for the business, that the Singleton people have shown has been fantastic and greatly appreciated. The Eye Place looks forward to returning this warm welcome by providing great service and support for the community.

Adam Maher – The Optometrist

Born and raised in Singleton with his sister Kasie and his brother Lucas. Adam’s parents, Lyn and Chris, were also raised in Singleton and both families, the MacDonalds and Mahers, have been in Singleton for many generations.

Adam attended Singleton Heights Primary School and Singleton High School. In 1998 he moved to Sydney to study Optometry at The University of NSW. While studying, Adam worked as a dispenser’s assistant at OPSM in Bondi Junction, which gave him valuable training and insight into this area of the Optometry Industry.  After completing his Bachelor of Optometry, and receiving the Neville Fulthorpe Award for Clinical Excellence, Adam returned to Singleton to take an Optometry position in the OPSM at Gowrie Street Mall. After living away from Anna for a year Adam returned to Sydney to live with Anna. The couple remained in Sydney for the next 10 years with Adam working in various practices in the city and Central Coast, taking one year off to travel through Asia, Europe and South America. Before returning to Singleton, Adam took on locum positions in Perth, Hervey Bay, Canberra and Adelaide; and completed his Therapeutics qualification back at The University of NSW.


Raised on the Central Coast with her brother Paul. Anna’s parents, Kathy and Ian, were also raised on the Central Coast where they reside. Anna was born in New Zealand when the family were living there as part of Ian’s work placement. After time in New Zealand, the family also lived in the United Kingdom before returning to the Central Coast in time for Anna & Paul to begin primary school.

After completing High School, Anna moved to Sydney to study a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Western Sydney. While studying part time, Anna worked in a full time position at a Chartered Accounting firm in the city. After returning from world travel with Adam, Anna took on a new role at an Accounting and Financial Planning company ultimately becoming their Operations Manager. During this time Anna completed a Masters of Operations Management back at the University of Western Sydney and was a member of the Senior Executive Team at the company.


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