Adam makes a visit to the eye doctor easy for local aged care residents

The Eye Place prides itself on being community-minded, made up of team members who are dedicated to the Singleton area, the locals and their eye health. We believe everyone deserves to have access to services that help them support eye health and prevent eye disease for better quality of life.

Since 2017, Adam has been visiting local retirement villages to perform vision and eye health checks on the elderly residents. We understand that it can be difficult for residents to travel to their appointments, so we take away that challenge by coming to them!

Calvary Cooinda Retirement Community is one of the villages Adam frequently visits. He sets up his equipment in one of the free rooms, such as the hairdressing salon, or even in a resident’s room if they’re immobile. He books in a basic eye screening with around five or six patients each visit, or however many people he can fit in within the one to two-hour period that he is there.

Community Manager at the Calvary, Sharon Sheen, said that Adam has now helped most of the patients with their eye health.

“A lot of our permanent residents have had the screen, but may need to continue with regular check-ups based on their results. The great thing about Adam is he’s very flexible, so nobody misses out on those essential eye health checks,” she said.

“It’s quite difficult for some of our patients to make it to a shop in town, so when local businesses understand and try to cater to that, it really helps.”

For many residents, Adam’s visit makes a world of difference to their overall health and wellbeing. It’s that difference that we can make in someone’s life that makes the trip easy.

“Community engagement is really important here in Singleton, and our residents are still part of the local community. We understand that for an optometrist to come to us may be out of the way, but Adam gives these people access to a service that they may not otherwise be able to. And it allows our residents to live their life to the fullest – they can get back to their hobbies like reading or sewing, and be secure in the knowledge that their eyes are healthy,” Sharon said.

“We understand that not everyone can make it to the business,” Adam says of his eye care rounds in the local community.

“I’ll keep doing the rounds and making house calls where needed, because eye care should be a top priority, especially as we grow older.”

Your eyes change as you age, and some problems are more common as you get older. There are a few key signs that we need to look out for in ourselves and our loves ones that can tell us that our eye health is changing and our vision weakening. Difficulty reading, loss of peripheral vision, cloudy or distorted vision, floating spots or flashes of light, and vision loss are just some of the effects aging can have.

It’s important to make time for your eye exams so you can control and prevent any changes before they progress too far.

To secure your own eye exams with Adam, book online here. You can also call us on 02 6571 1121 if you want to learn more about our services.

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, Adam makes a visit to the eye doctor easy for local aged care residents, The Eye Place
, Adam makes a visit to the eye doctor easy for local aged care residents, The Eye Place