Do you suffer headaches from eye strain? We can help

Headaches from eye strain can be debilitating. You have sore eyes, they get tired and itchy, they dry out or are really watery, and your head is pounding.

The heaviness in your head feels like it won’t go away, you’re sensitive to light, you can’t concentrate, and you have a sore neck and shoulders from pent-up muscle tension.

Asthenopia, as it is medically known, is common in children and adults alike. But it is easily preventable if you know what the triggers can be.

The causes of headaches from eye strain

Healthdirect reports a range of things can cause eye strain that can lead to headaches, including:

        using computers, smartphones, tablets, and gaming consoles for a long time

        driving for a long time

        reading for a long time

        straining to see things when the light is bad

        being tired or stressed

        bright or dazzling lights

        not wearing your glasses or contact lenses, or wearing unsuitable glasses or contact lenses.

Eyestrain doesn’t have serious or long-term consequences, but it can be aggravating and unpleasant. Anyone can get eye strain, but vision deficits (farsightedness, near-sightedness, etc.) can increase the risk of eye strain. Some eye conditions can make the effects of eye strain more of a problem.

How to minimise the potential for headaches from eye strain

No medication or procedure can relieve eye strain, but you can learn useful strategies for managing it. These include:

Resting your eyes: When you feel eye strain coming on, or even if it is at its worst, just close your eyes for a few seconds. You can also give your eyes a break by looking at something that isn’t so small or detailed.

Lighting changes: Make sure you have proper lighting when you are reading or working. Even if you feel comfortable in dim light, you are at risk of suffering from eye strain.

Computer and phone screens: Check your settings and adjust your screens so they are just bright enough to provide a comfortable level of contrast for reading.

Sit back: You should be an arm’s length away from your computer screen.

Font sizes: Adjust the font size on your phone or computer. A font that is too small can be hard to see, while large font fills up too much space on the screen, making it hard to read large documents. Use a clear font whenever possible.

Take breaks: If you do long stints reading or looking at tiny objects, look away every 20 minutes or so. Close your eyes or look at something far away to give your eye muscles a rest.

Still suffering?

If you take all the steps to minimise the chance of straining your eyes and you’re still suffering from headaches and sore eyes, you may have an underlying vision problem.


Headaches from eye strain don’t have to be part of your life. Get in touch with Adam to discuss solutions for you.

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Headaches from eye strain, Do you suffer headaches from eye strain? We can help, The Eye Place
Headaches from eye strain, Do you suffer headaches from eye strain? We can help, The Eye Place