End of Year Health Fund Benefits – Don’t Miss Out!

With another year coming to an end, this means that the reset button is being pushed on health fund benefit assets. Many of the customers that walk into The Eye Place utilise these health fund benefits to be able to afford the many services and products on offer in our Singleton store.

But with Christmas and holiday plans on everyone’s minds, you may not be thinking about your own health fund benefits.

We recommend you take the time to do so. That way you can take advantage of your optical benefits without experiencing the dreaded FOMO.

So, how do these Health Care Benefits work?

Well, each health fund is different. So, unfortunately there is no cookie-cutter approach, meaning each individual will have to discuss the intricate details of their health fund with their provider.

However, what is a general rule of thumb is that most of these benefits will expire at the end of the calendar year – meaning they won’t roll over into the New Year.

So, if you were thinking of making a New Year’s resolution a reality using your old benefits – you may need to think again.

If you don’t use these benefits now, you will miss out.

So, we recommend learning what benefits you are still entitled to and to use them as soon as you can.

Think of these benefits as an early Christmas present to yourself. That way you can reign in the New Year with no regrets, missed opportunities and healthy eyes (of course).

How much can I claim for glasses in my health fund?

As we’ve already discussed, each health fund varies quite a bit. This extends to their terms and inclusions, with optical benefits being no different.

Each health fund policy has a maximum benefit they will pay for these specific extras. From percentage discounts to ‘no gap’ offers, each entitlement is different and will depend on your insurance cover.

For example, Medibank has an annual limit of between $150-$250, HIF is $110-350, and Bupa is $150-$420. These limits vary between providers and often change over time.

Being aware of these benefit claims can make all the difference at this time of year. Instead of paying full rate for new prescription, you can claim it through your health fund before the holiday period burns through your expenses.

What optical benefits can I claim through my health fund?

The beauty of most health funds is that optical claims are quite generous.

Depending on your health fund, you will be able to claim back money on glasses, contact lenses and prescription sunglasses. But, always remember to read the fine print.

For example, Medibank’s conditions say that there may be a six-month waiting period and that some lens coatings are excluded from their policy. So, make note of these finer details before you get excited.

All we need from you is your health insurance card when you come in store, so we can process the details right way and get you covered with your next optical purchase.

So, what are you waiting for?

Claim your benefits today and come by our store to see our exclusive range of prescription lenses, sunglasses and contact lenses.

If you still find yourself running against the clock and are unable to claim these benefits, use January as your annual reminder for an eye health check.

The Eye Place will be open for business from 9:00 AM on 8 January 2020, after a small holiday break (starting 12:00PM 23 December 2019), ready to check out your eyes in the New Year, so you can see your best and look your best for 2020.

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health fund benefits, End of Year Health Fund Benefits – Don’t Miss Out!, The Eye Place
health fund benefits, End of Year Health Fund Benefits – Don’t Miss Out!, The Eye Place