Glasses are stylish but not on top of your head

At The Eye Place, we know you want your glasses to be a fashion statement reflecting your personality, however if you want them to last it is best not to wear them on top of your head.

Everyone takes their sunnies or eyeglasses off to check something, but only for a few seconds before popping them right back on. So, like most people you slip them up on top of your head where they rest as a stylish headband. We’re all guilty of it, but this habit can actually create a lot of problems for your glasses.

Glasses are made for your eyes

Your glasses (prescription in particular) are made for you – more specifically, your eyes. They’re made to go past your ears, beside your temple, in front of your eyes and rest on top of your nose. This space, the shape and surface area of your face, is very different to that of the top of your head (even more so for people with thick hair, hair accessories or updos). Constantly resting your glasses where they shouldn’t be is bound to cause issues.

Firstly, the arms of the product can warp and change shape. No matter the material of your glasses, both metal and plastic can bend if pushed beyond its normal usage. Once glasses stretch to fit on top of your head, they can become too big for your face. You’ll find them sliding down your nose and off your ears – rather than resting in a convenient, handsfree position, you’ll find yourself constantly rearranging and adjusting your glasses. In extreme cases, the arms can even snap in half or break.

Risk of breaking your glasses

This stretching and bending also creates problems for the rest of the product. The screws holding the arms to the frames are quite small and can become loose under pressure. This is because the threading, the hole in which the screw is fastened, can be worn away with excessive movement. With broken arms and out of place screws, the frames may suffer too. Loose frames can’t hold the lenses in place, so not only will your glasses have no arms, but the frames and – most importantly – prescriptive or polarized lenses are worthless.

More problems arise from your hair coming in to contact with the glasses. The natural oils, along with the chemicals and hair products, aren’t good for the lenses. Think about how annoying it is having a finger print on your glasses (and your hair has a lot more oil and chemicals than your finger!) This not only means cleaning them over and over again but contact with your hair and scalp can potentially cause damage to the glass itself.

You risk hurting yourself too!

And it goes both ways. Your hair can damage your glasses, but your glasses can also harm your hair! Eye products often have little plastic nose pads that rest on your nose. These are connected to pad arms, the small wires that connect the pads to the glasses. Problems arise when your hair gets caught in these tiny parts. Your hair get knotted, often messing up or even pulling out multiple strands. Plus, the untangling process can sometimes move the nose arms and pads. When parts of your glasses are out of place it can change the whole way you wear them. Adjusting even small parts like the nose pads can easily mess things up. Crooked glasses are the last thing anyone wants to deal with!

Protecting your glasses

Here at The Eye Place, our glasses come with a case to keep them safe from harm. Try using this case instead the next time you next instinctively go to put them on your head!

We also offer fitting of your glasses, so get in touch we’ll make sure they still fit you perfectly.

See your Best and Look your Best by getting in contact with us today.

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on top of your head, Glasses are stylish but not on top of your head, The Eye Place
on top of your head, Glasses are stylish but not on top of your head, The Eye Place