How to Clean and Store Your Glasses

When it comes to keeping your glasses in tip-top shape, there are a few very simple tips you can follow. Compiled by our team at The Eye Place, these useful tips will  have you on your way to seeing and looking your best long after you’ve made that initial purchase. 

Cleaning Tips:  

  • Be sure to wash your hands first 

It may seem like common-sense, but sometimes the simplest of steps can be disregarded. Making sure you take the time to properly wash your hands and dry them before cleaning your glasses is imperative.  

By taking this step you will avoid any oils or dirt from your hands contaminating your glasses. Plus, it will stop those pesky forms of bacteria from harboring on your glasses. Nobody wants to have bad bacteria around their precious eyes, so this is a great way to avoid this issue altogether.  

  • Make sure to rinse your lenses using lukewarm water 

The reason we encourage you to rinse your glass lenses with lukewarm water first is to avoid tiny dirt particles from scratching your glass lens. Eye-sight alone, even with the help of glasses, isn’t enough to pick up on the microscopic dirt particles that find their way onto glasses.  

By giving your glasses a thorough rinse with some lukewarm water before using a lens cleaner you are ensuring that you avoid scratching and damaging your glasses.  

Using one of the lens cloths we provide with every purchase is also a great way to get rid of light dirt and dust when you’re on the go. However, we still recommend a quick rinse every time.  

  • Use a lens cleaner daily (we provide one for FREE) 

The team at The Eye Place want to ensure that your glasses avoid damage at all costs. We help you do this by providing our very own lens cleaning spray. By using a cleaning spray on your glasses every day, you avoid damage caused by dirt and bacteria and keep your glasses looking shiny and brand new.  

Unlike harsh soaps (such as dishwashing detergent), this cleaning spray will ensure the anti-glare coating on your glasses remains in-tact. You’ll be able to get rid of all the grime, bacteria and dirt without slowly damaging the lens itself.  

Storage Tips:  

  • Store your glasses in a hard-shell protective case  

As people who are always on the go, the temptation to have your glasses in your back pocket, handbag or on-top of your head becomes a bit of a habit. This, however, is no good for the longevity and quality of your glasses. The best way to keep your glasses protected is by storing them in a hard-shell protective case.  

With each purchase at The Eye Store, we will supply you with your very own protective case. We recommend that after each use you remember to place your glasses back into these cases. This will avoid scratches, dirt, bacteria and all the other natural elements from damaging your glasses. 

  • Never place lenses down on a surface 

There are plenty of times in the day when you take our glasses off and put them down on the nearest table or bench. We are here to tell you that this is one of those habits you need to try and break. 

This common mistake can lead to a lot of damage over time, including scratching, misshapen lens, lens alignment issues and more.

We recommend ALWAYS using the hard-shell protective case. It can be an annoying thing to get into the habit of doing, but so is forking out more money because you’ve damaged your glasses by not looking after them.  

These are just some of our basic cleaning and storage tips that will ensure your glasses always look amazing and will stand the test of time. For more information, feel free to pop into our store to learn more about the cleaning process or have one of our staff members clean your glasses for you.  

The team at The Eye Place are here to ensure you always see your best and look your best. Appointments can be made online via our portal today or by calling 6571 1121. 

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, How to Clean and Store Your Glasses, The Eye Place
, How to Clean and Store Your Glasses, The Eye Place