How to Minimise Computer Eye Strain | Part Three – Setup For Success

Computer Eye Strain is on the rise as our daily screen time increases. Lengthy periods in front of the computer, television, tablet or phone take their toll. Adam see’s patients every day with symptoms caused from sub-optimal screen time.

Understanding that for many of us, screen time is non-negotiable, Adam wanted to share with everyone what they can do to minimise the strain.

Here is the last part of Adam’s three-part series developed to help us all make small changes that can have a big impact on comfort and productivity.


Part Three – Setup For Success

Hi everyone, Adam from The Eye Place here, and in the final instalment of a three-part series on computer eye strain and things you can do to minimise it.

Set Yourself Up

Today I’d like to talk about your setup and how you can make a few adjustments to make your time at the computer more comfortable and more productive.

Arms Length

Ideally, with your computer screen, you want to have the top of your screen level with your eyes, so that you constantly looking down at the screen. You want to have your computer screen at an arm’s length distance, just to give your eyes a bit more of a comfortable position, and your muscles available relaxed state to hold your focus.

If you’ve got multiple screens, just try and have them staggered at slightly different distances, again so your eyes and your eye muscles are constantly changing their position. This really minimises the fatigue by increasing the flexibility of your muscles rather holding the focus at the same distance for multiple screens.

Appropriate Eyewear

There are computer specific glasses that you can get these days. Computer glasses are not the same grade as the reading glasses. Reading glasses give you a focal point closer than where your computer is. Computer glasses can give you both computer clarity and reading clarity in the one lens. If you’re spending considerable time in front of the computer it’s really worth checking that your glasses are giving you the best vision. So, come on in and we’ll get you seeing your best.

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, How to Minimise Computer Eye Strain | Part Three – Setup For Success, The Eye Place
, How to Minimise Computer Eye Strain | Part Three – Setup For Success, The Eye Place