Myth Busting

Time to Bust Some Myths about Glasses.

As an optometrist I hear some pretty crazy ideas about what glasses allegedly do to your eyes. Not everyone needs glasses, that’s absolutely true, but the idea that correctly prescribed glasses can cause harm is plain wrong.

So, I thought I’d have a bit of fun and put together my own little Myth Busting video.

So, let’s start busting some couple of myths today:

Myth number one …

My glasses only made my eyesight worse

So, there’s no evidence behind this, it’s a complete myth. Basically what happens when you get your prescription is you can actually see clearly, your brain gets a nice clear signal from both eyes, and then you’re able to distinguish the difference between good and the bad vision that you’ve been tolerating up to this point. So, when you aren’t wearing your glasses, your vision seems to have worsened because you now know what clear vision looks like.

Myth number two …

I can see fine still with my old glasses

Our eyes inevitably deteriorate with age, that’s just part of being human. So, you don’t really notice differences so much in your vision because it’s often a gradual change. But when you get your eyes checked and see through the latest prescription, you will have clear vision again and realise what you’ve been putting up with using your old prescription. This is why we recommend having your eyes checked every two years.


I’m also a massive fan of the Movember campaign (not just because it gives me an excuse to grow a very fetching ginger soup strainer for a month!!).

My father has been dealing with prostate cancer for a few years now. As always, when something happens to those you love it becomes a little more real and personal.

Wouldn’t it be great to reduce the harm prostate cancer causes men???

For more information about this great cause check out my Movember Page here.

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, Myth Busting, The Eye Place
, Myth Busting, The Eye Place