Hit the dirt and stand out with a pair of Oakley sport sunglasses

If you are hitting the tracks on your dirt bike this weekend, you probably have your protective clothing, helmet and gear, but what about protecting your eyes with a pair of Oakley sport sunglasses?

Oakley sport sunglasses can withstand high velocity impact and UV rays, making them perfect for dirty days doing the things you love.

Keeping your eyes protected from harsh elements, dust and debris is vital to maintain good eye health.

Oakley sunglasses are designed to keep your eyes protected, whilst keeping you looking stylish.


UV rays

Constant exposure from the sun’s UV radiation can have a negative impact on your vision. Even on cloudy and overcast days, UV rays are still harmful and need to be blocked.

When purchasing protective eyewear to shield your eyes from UV, it is important your lenses have a polarised coating to absorb the sun’s rays.

Oakley sunglasses are designed for protection in the roughest of environments, so they feature polarised lenses that ward of the damaging UV rays.


Stay protected from harsh elements with Oakley sport sunglasses

Dirt, dust and debris – the triple threat when it comes to high impact outdoor sports.

Oakley sunglasses are the most protective eyewear for outdoor activities.

Tested under extreme circumstances and conditions, Oakley sport sunglasses protect not just against UV rays, but high mass and high velocity impact.

This means that you can hit the track and know Oakley has got you covered against flying debris, large objects and even rocks and mud disturbed by your mates riding near you.


See clearly everyday with Oakley sport sunglasses

Change the game and make Oakley part of your everyday routine. Oakley has a wide variety of sunglasses that cover every need. From lifestyle to sports and performance, and everything in between.

The correct lenses will help clear your view when cycling and in everyday activities, especially when it comes to eliminating distractions.

Oakley sport sunglasses can help minimise distraction from the sun’s glare  and can improve visual clarity.

At The Eye Place, our team can assist in helping you find the perfect pair of Oakley sport sunglasses to upgrade your lifestyle, sport or performance fit.

Make Oakley sunglasses a part of your everyday routine. Forget phone, wallet, keys. When you go cycling, what do you really need? Phone, wallet, Oakleys.

Contact us to book an appointment or visit us in store to find out why we choose Oakley sunglasses for our number one protective sportswear.

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Oakley sport sunglasses, Hit the dirt and stand out with a pair of Oakley sport sunglasses, The Eye Place
Oakley sport sunglasses, Hit the dirt and stand out with a pair of Oakley sport sunglasses, The Eye Place