Polarised vs non-polarised sunglasses. Do you know the difference?

Polarised lenses have become popular over the last few years. At The Eye Place we carry non-prescription polarised sunglasses & can have your prescription sunglasses lenses made with polarised lenses. Once only known to boaters and fisherman who required glare to be cut from the water surrounding them, polarised sunglasses have been discovered by many others who spend time outdoors, and as a result interest has soared.

How do polarised lenses work?

Polarised lenses restrict the vibrations of light which are reflected off any surface. They are highly recommended when undertaking any outdoor activities, from walking around in a city to hiking, boating and other adventurous pursuits. Ultimately, they are most noticeably different to regular lenses when on or near water or reflective surfaces such as snow. Polarised sunglasses effectively reduce eye strain and provide comfort when required for long periods of wear.

So, how does it work?

As seen in the picture below, visible light can reflect in any and all directions, and when reflected off a horizontal surface such as water or a road, the rays become concentrated horizontally which  causes glare. Polarised lenses have an in-built filter which allow only vertical light rays through, reducing the uncomfortable harshness of bright and shiny surfaces.

Polarised lenses are ideal for:

  • Driving;
  • Fishing;
  • Bike Riding;
  • Boating;
  • Kayaking;
  • Hiking, and many more outdoor activities.

Who’s the best at polarised lenses?

In our opinion you can’t go past Maui Jim! Their performance, lifespan and aftercare are second to none, not to mention the sunglasses look fabulous. Maui Jim have developed a patented process to develop their ultra-thin, colour enhancing and glare eliminating lenses. With Maui Jim there is a lens colour to suit your needs, whether they be golfing, fishing or just being outdoors. Once you’ve tried Maui Jims, you won’t accept anything less.

 Is it worth getting Polarised Sunglasses?

More often than not!

If you haven’t tried a polarised lens, it’s hard to understand just how much glare you may be putting up with. Polarised lenses are ideal for eyestrain relief & minimising fatigue when a heavy load of driving such as trucking and road tripping is required.  Careers that include fishing, diving, snowboarding, or even a professional car service driver would benefit from polarised lenses. The only time they aren’t ideal is if you’re going to be looking at an LCD or LED screen most of the time. Otherwise, we say it’s time to cut the glare!

Visit us in store to see the difference for yourself.

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