Ray-Ban as a global brand

Ray-Ban is a pretty well-known brand. Even without context, most people will automatically envision the famous sunglasses. This global brand has created a household name for itself over the decades.

Today, they’re known as a leading eyewear designer. Everyone should have at least one pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses in their wardrobe because they are a timeless classic with universal appeal. But how did they establish this global brand?

Ray-Ban originated in the 1930s, developing and designing military eyewear for American pilots. However, after many celebrity endorsements and successful marketing campaigns throughout the years, Ray-Ban transformed into the global brand we know today. The original intention transformed into the aim of delivering an iconic and fashionable statement that gives unrivalled sun protection against harsh UV rays.

Ray-Ban provides a variety of lens styles, shapes, materials, and colours. This ensures they have the perfect product for everyone and all occasions. Ray-Ban offers a strong selection but what is your go-to style?

Eyewear trends will come and go, but the iconic Ray-Ban selection will never go out of style. Here are some of the Ray-Ban classic styles below:


Firstly, the Aviator. This style was their first model, originally designed in 1937 for pilots. The unique features of this style include a double bridge and narrow metal frame, with teardrop shaped lenses. This model is known for its quality, comfort, and performance. It’s easily the most recognisable style and is most suitable for oval and square face shapes.


Secondly, the Wayfarer. This style made its debut with Ray-Ban in 1952. Now, it’s almost as popular as the classic Aviators and is one of the most iconic pairs of sunglasses. Known for their sturdy frame, created with acetate, and featuring the Ray-Ban logo on the temple, this style is easily recognisable. You can purchase the Wayfarer with either polarised or non-polarised lenses. It’s most suitable for round face shapes.


Lastly, the Clubmaster. This style is timeless! The retro-style is a summer staple and is best known for the famous upper rims and narrow lower rims design. This vintage look has been in the market since 1980 and hasn’t lost any of its appeal over the years. It was originally only available in tortoise shell or black but is now made in a variety of colours and patterns. Clubmaster Ray-Ban sunglasses are best suited for oval, round, and heart-shaped faces.

With their international reputation for being a leading eyewear brand, high-protection lenses, and top-quality frames, Ray-Ban is the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Their reliable products will help keep you covered this summer, in terms of both UV protection and style!

Today, sunglasses are known as a fashion accessory. But their core function remains; to protect your eyes from the sun. Every pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses are made with quality UV protection which meet Australian & New Zealand Safety Standards.

As a consumer, you have the choice of polarised lenses to help reduce light glare, enhance contrast, as well as improve sun safety.

But when it comes to Ray-Bans at The Eye Place, you also have the option to use your prescription for customised polarised lenses.  We want to ensure you look your best and feel your best.

At The Eye Place, we have a variety of Ray-Ban designs and styles available to help you choose your perfect fit. Our team can assist in finding the perfect fashion accessory with your own new pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses.

Contact us to book an appointment or drop on by The Eye Place today to find out why Ray-Bans are known as a global brand.

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Global brand, Ray-Ban as a global brand, The Eye Place
Global brand, Ray-Ban as a global brand, The Eye Place