Stepping out in style with your glasses

The accessories we wear often have a big impact on our look and this includes your glasses! It could also be a bold pair of earrings or a silky scarf, and we pick these small add-ons to personalise our outfit and add a touch of individuality to the way we look. How we dress makes a statement about our style and who we are, as famous designer Edith Head says; “you can have anything in life, if you dress for it.” That includes both your clothes and accessories.

Our team at The Eye Place know that it is important to make sure your glasses match your look. Whether it is a pair of professional, neutral-coloured reading glasses, or bright pink cateye sunglasses, the accessories you wear on your face are often quite noticeable.

Putting together an outfit is one thing but picking glasses that match can be a whole new ballgame. We’ve got plenty of advice on mastering the art, but if you’re still unsure head in-store and chat with our knowledgeable staff.

Here’s our top tips for matching your accessories to your individual ‘look’.

  1. Know your style. The first step towards achieving your ‘look’ is knowing your style. For many people this can be challenging and stepping into a store where there’s a variety of options can seem overwhelming. Before you even think about purchasing a new pair, you need to work out your style, how you want to look and what you want your outfit to say to the outside world. Don’t stress if you can’t figure it out on your own – check out this quiz that will guide you to your individual ‘look’.
  2. Keep it simple. We’re not saying you need to go out and buy a pair of eyeglasses in every single colour, to match each pair of shoes you own, or in every shape and style. That’s unnecessary and impractical. Instead, opt for a few pairs you know you’ll wear. Having more than one pair of glasses not only gives you more style options but will come in handy if you ever lose or break one of them. Don’t go overboard, chat to our friendly team about your ‘look’ and let us help you find a product you’ll love.
  3. Make sure the glasses and clothes complement each other. If you’re likely to wear bold outfits, or clothes with stand-out colours and patterns, make sure your glasses don’t go over-board – sometimes less is more! Plain dark bottoms can go well with dark frames and a loud top will still allow you to express your overall style. In the same regard, if you’re wearing a less-extravagant outfit, maybe go for brighter frames or a more noticeable glasses design. Your blue shoes might go well with blue frames, or perhaps the shoes are accessory enough and you opt for clear frames. Whatever your ‘look’, make sure you pick clothes and accessories that go well together.
  4. Remember everyone is different. Style changes from person to person, so while you might like matching your accessories to your clothes, others may want to stick to all neutral colours. So, when it comes to matching glasses to your own ‘look’, do what feels best! You are in charge of your own style, mix and match however you feel most comfortable.
  5. Don’t underestimate the power of accessories. As celebrity fashion stylist, Brad Goreski said, “putting on a new pair of sunglasses is a simple way to completely transform your look.” A new pair of glasses, be it eyeglasses or sunglasses, can change your whole style. You might pick an attention-grabbing pair and decide you don’t need any other accessories with it to complete that outfit. Adding glasses to your ‘look’ can change your whole style, so be sure to browse our selection in store and pick a pair you’ll love wearing.

There’s also a few “rules of thumb” when it comes to matching your look to your glasses. Follow these couple of fail-safe ideas and you’ll be on your way to a holistic style that reflects your personality before you know it. The great thing about being a locally owned and run business is the chance we get to really know our customers. Adam and the professional team can help you decide on a pair of frames that suit your personality.


Your face shape can have a big impact on a number of things; your makeup, hairstyle and your accessories. Styling accessories like your glasses to match your face will always look much better than just winging it. So, when it comes to picking eyeglasses and sunnies, you need to pick a shape that compliments your face shape. Once you’ve figured out the frame shapes that work, you’ll have the confidence you need to make decisions and suddenly completing your look will become so much easier.

So, what frames suit my face shape?

Oval. Also known as a “long” or “rectangle” shape, oval faces are generally longer than they are wide, they have high and sometimes slightly wider cheekbones. This shape is arguably the most versatile when it comes to accessories – they can rock bold styles and a range of designs. Almost any frames will work with the oval shape, including rectangle, oval, round, horn, wayfarer and square. But beware of narrow frames and try to steer clear of glasses with heavy design elements as they can add unnecessary length to your face.

Heart. Those with a widows peak and pointed chin are often in the heart shape category. They are widest at the forehead and feature high cheekbones. These faces will benefit most from frames that draw attention to the top of the face and balance out the width – i.e. frames that are only just wider than the forehead. If heart shaped faces are looking to soften their angular features, rimless glasses work well. Other than that, wayfarer, rectangle and oval are your best bet.

Round. Round faces tend to be the same length wide as they are long – just like a circle. The jaw is generally rounded, and the cheekbones are the widest part of the face. Angular frames are very successful when it comes to adding definition to the round shape because they can make the face appear longer. Small and round frames should be ditched for styles like square, rectangle and wayfarer when it comes to those with round faces.

Square. The forehead, jaw and cheekbones are often all about the same width in square faces. It’s all about the strong jawline, so frames that sit high on the nose are able to add length and flatter the face. Meanwhile angular frames should be avoided as they will take away from this feature. Rimless and semi-rimless glasses are popular among square faces, but as a rule of thumb, squares shouldn’t venture outside of the oval, wayfarer and round frame shapes.

Diamond. While this shape isn’t as common as the above, it is quite compatible with many different frame shapes. Diamonds are widest at their cheekbones and feature a matching narrow chin/jawline and forehead. Fun frames like cat eye and horn rims go well with this shape, but if you opt for rimless or the classic oval, be sure to feature a strong brow line. Rectangle, oval and horn shapes all suit diamond faces.

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As with shape, colour can also make a big impact on your look. The colour of your skin, hair, eyes and glasses need to complement each other in order to complete your look.

  • Light colours. People with features of ivory, pink or (sometimes) blueish undertones fall under the light colours. Blonde hair, pale skin or light eyes can put you into the “light” category. Cool colours complement these tones. Try blue, green, pink, purple, red and avoid black and white as they might wash you out. Pastels and bold also work well with light features as it adds depth to the face. Silver finishes go well for those in this category.
  • Medium colours. Anyone who has skin, hair or eyes that hold yellow, peach or olive undertones are classified as medium. The complementary colours for those with medium coloured features are warm. These include brown, tan, khaki, yellow, green, orange, gray, blue and some reds. Cream, black and navy also work well but pastels, bright whites and lime/olive greens should be avoided as they can wash you out or make your skin look pale. Gold detailing is best for anyone featuring medium colours.
  • Dark colours. Those with brown, dark yellow, red or dark blue features or undertones come under the dark colours group. Complementary colours that work with people of darker colours are white, khaki, deep purples, red, grey, light blue, orange, pink and gold. Meanwhile, black, dark brown, navy and light green tend to be unflattering. Opt for colours that are contrasting to your skin as it will bring out your eyes. Gold finishes work best for dark colours.

Let’s see the rules in action!

We’ve given you some general advice to follow, plus a couple of fail-safe rules to follow when it comes to matching your glasses to your look. These rules apply no matter if it’s eyeglasses or sunglasses. Here’s a few examples of ladies matching their glasses to their look – if you need further advice simple get in touch with The Eye Place team today!

These Ana Hickmann glasses use specific colours and shapes to ensure they match the model’s look. The face is an oval, featuring a similar colour palette between her medium skin and dark hair/eyes. The oversized pair of dark square frames match the model perfectly. While the square shape complements her oval face, the oversized element draws attention to her softer features – which would otherwise risk being lost among her matching medium/dark tones. While similar looks may opt for a bright colour to contrast the darker colours, she’s picked a plain dark frame. This is a strategic move because it means she can match her glasses to her colour palette, allowing her to freely dress in bright colours with no obstacles. She’s able to wear a bold red lip colour and a bright jacket because she’s kept her face within one colour scheme (without losing any of her unique features). Darks frames are also versatile as they can be dressed up for special occasions or dressed down for the everyday or professional environments – depending on how you match it to your overall outfit. The bigger frames also avoid adding extra length to the face, while the gold frames match her olive undertones.

This Calvin Klein model has a range of tones; dark hair, medium eyes and light skin. His high and wide cheekbones also make him one of the rarest face shapes; diamond.

The unique shape means there is a lot of different rules this model needs to consider before picking his eyeglasses. Diamond faces should try to pick either rectangle, oval or horn shaped with a strong brow line if possible. He’s done this with his stylish pair of rectangle shaped frames.

The jet black colour works well with the diamond as well as emphasising the thicker brow line. This colour choice is also strategic. The darker tone means he’s avoiding clashes with any of his various tones in his outfit, plus it’s sure to stand out against his lighter skin tone while matching his black hair.

Ensuring his lighter eye and skin tones are framed well is essential, so even the silver writing on the side – a small detail – has been selected to complement his overall look.

Here we have two pairs of frames from Nine West. While both models are light to medium skin tone, the woman on the left has an oval face and the one of the right has a combination of square and heart. The oval face has picked a pair of square frames, with a slight cat eye edge. This slight flick at the top outer corners gives the illusion of a wider face, rather than adding length which risks having an unflattering effect. This cat eye style, paired with the neutral colours used, makes the frames bigger, ensuring her vibrant eye colour isn’t lost behind the glasses.

The lady on the right has gone for a pair of square frames, which feature soft curves along the bottom of the glasses. The square/rectangular shape complements her slight windows peak, while the curved edges avoid clashing with her square jaw. The dark colour highlights her eyes, which aren’t as vibrant as the other models without a solid bold colour to frame them. The darker frames also offer a change of pace to break up her similarly-coloured face and hair. Both glasses offer colours that stand apart from – but don’t clash with – the nude/pink clothing. The frames are able to complete the outfit without taking away from it.

So, no matter if you’re dressing in plain colours for the workplace or heading out for a weekend adventure – whether you have light skin or dark hair – make sure your glasses reflect your style. Good glasses will match your individual ‘look’ and will ensure you #SeeYourBest and #LookYourBest.

Obviously the right design goes hand-in-hand with other considerations when it comes to buying glasses, and once you find them you need to make sure you take care of them!

The team at The Eye Place are more than happy to help you find the perfect match to your style so book an eye appointment today or visit us in-store to learn more.

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