Blue light protection, Techshield, The Eye Place
Blue light protection, Techshield, The Eye Place

The Eye Place delivers effective blue light protection

Blue light protection for your eyes has never been more effective, or more stylish, with the Techshield Blue AB available from The Eye Place.

Techshield Blue AB is an anti-reflective coating that can be applied to glasses to combat against digital eye strain.

Our eyes have always been exposed to blue light from the sun. But today, blue light also beams at us from smartphones, tablets, TVs, computers, and LED and compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) lighting.

In today’s tech-driven world, we’re using computer, tablet, and phone screens more than ever. With screen time rapidly becoming the leading cause of eye strain, there’s now a convenient way to help avoid the discomfort that comes with it.

Blue light protection, Techshield, The Eye Place

The Eye Place has you covered

The Eye Place team always want you to See Your Best and Look Your Best! Drop by today to see how Techshield Blue can help you.

Blue light is a type of light that contains the highest amount of energy in the light spectrum. When blue light enters the eye, it scatters every which way before it reaches the retina, meaning our eyes need to work overtime to try to focus.

This out-of-focus blue light generally appears as ‘glare’ and the bluer the light in your environment the greater the glare appears.

No matter how hard your eyes work, they can’t focus properly when exposed to blue light. This leads to blurred eyesight, double vision, a burning sensation, headache, and sensitivity to light. Why put up with the pain and discomfort when Techshield Blue AB can help avoid it?

Blue light protection, Techshield, The Eye Place

Screen time is quickly becoming one of the leading causes of eye strain across Australia. Most Australians spend an average of six or more hours in front of a screen. You know how hard it is to find time away from your computer or phone - especially if you rely on it for work! You don’t need to take time off work to help your eyes – simply invest in Techshield Blue lenses to protect your eyes for good.

See straight through with Techshield Blue

TechShield Blue AB was designed to enhance visual performance, as well as appearance. When not in the presence of blue light, the lenses have an attractive, near-clear appearance and eliminate harsh reflections from the lens surface.​ Gone is the strange blue hue you get with other lens protections. Instead, you can see straight through with Techshield Blue.

This coating offers all the benefits of a premium lens enhancement, including excellent durability, cleanability, visual performance, and cosmetic appearance.

ISO anti-bacterial lens surface protection is based on ISO 22196:2011 certified technology and the coatings are backed by a two-year warranty against scratching, peeling, and crazing under normal use.

Blue light protection, Techshield, The Eye Place
Blue light protection, Techshield, The Eye Place

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