Which sunglasses style suits your face shape?

The right sunglasses style for your face and complexion is the ultimate accessory. And let’s face it, they can make you feel pretty cool from the moment you put them on.

But the wrong pair or sunglasses that are too big…well, let’s just say they won’t do you justice!

Everyone should own a pair of sunglasses and they should be worn all year round even during winter to protect from glare. But sometimes a snap sunglasses purchase can leave you questioning, “do these sunglasses suit me?”

Finding the right sunglasses style to suit your face doesn’t have to be a mystery. Personal taste plays a big part, but there are also a few steps you can take to find the perfect fit.

Know for your face shape

Even though every person is different, and each face is unique, faces can usually be categorised into one of the following shapes:

To work out yours, we suggest asking a friend, or if there’s no one around to ask, look in the mirror or take a selfie!

Once you have worked out your face shape, you can start to choose the sunglasses style that will best suit your features.

Sunglasses styles for heart-shaped faces

A distinguishing feature for heart-shaped faces is the jawline being the narrowest point of a person’s face. A person with a heart-shaped face will have a wide forehead and cheeks.

If you have a heart-shaped face, look for a sunglasses range that creates a balance between the brow area and the chin. The most complimentary sunglasses for this shape is aviators or glasses with round frames.

We recommend:

Sunglasses styles for ROUND-shaped faceS

Round faces have more of a gentle impression and aren’t strongly defined. A round face is widest across the cheekbones, whilst being narrower at the forehead and jawline.

If you have a round face, look for oversized, rectangular, and angular frames to counteract the roundness.

We recommend:

Sunglasses styles for OVAL-shaped faceS

Oval faces tend to have more proportionate features – your forehead and chin are usually narrower and the cheeks are more pronounced.

Oval faces suit almost any sunglasses range (lucky you!). However, you should keep in mind not to go too big or too small for your face size.

We recommend:

Sunglasses styles for SQUARE-shaped faceS

Square faces feature a forehead, jaw, and cheeks that are approximately the same width.

To soften these strong features, you should choose a range of sunglasses that have soft lines or rimless edges.

We recommend:

Now that you know the perfect sunglasses style for your face, why not drop in-store to find your perfect pair? From Ray-Ban to Oakley, Zeal and Bolle, we stock a range of sunglasses styles for every face.

If you need prescription lenses added to your sunglasses, we’ve got you covered!  Book an appointment with Adam, our optometrist, today.

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Sunglasses style, Which sunglasses style suits your face shape?, The Eye Place
Sunglasses style, Which sunglasses style suits your face shape?, The Eye Place